About Haviktec

We are designers. We are developers. We are innovators.

It all started in 2015 – on the cusp of the tech industry’s historic crash. Mr. Krishna saw a void in the Software market. While ERPs were transforming organizations in all kinds of ways, there was still no solution for managing pricing, trade, royalties and incentive programs that so many businesses rely on to drive revenue. As an R&D leader in the ERP world, Mr. x also knew that this type of solution wasn’t on anyone else’s roadmap. So, he set out to build one. Within two years, the first version of Havik Tech solutions were launched. It caught on quickly with customers and partners.


Fast forward 20 years. Havik Techologies now has n global offices and 1,500+ employees. Leading brands such as GM, Barilla, and Bayer rely on the software every day to drive revenue. Thanks to a bold vision, and the backing of Accel-KKR, Havik Technologies is continuing to expand with more customers, more products, and more presence around the world. Meanwhile, the charitable initiatives of the Havik Tech are making a difference across the globe. Today, businesses managing an enormous number of different pricing, trade, royalties and incentive programs finally have a way to make sure it all adds up.

When you can’t account for everything, there’s Havik. Now it all adds up. Our Cause: Helping Clients see the numbers, see what really works, and see what to do next.


Another month, another new incentive program. You’re doing everything you can to spike sales, and this one promises to put you over the top for the quarter. But what you can’t possibly know at this point is that the numbers will tell a different story. This quarter will end up looking a lot like last quarter, and your new program will actually cost more than it brings in. Of course, you won’t have seen this coming. Because the business won’t wait for you to track down a hundred different spreadsheets and figure out how to predict the future. The worst part? Next quarter will be the same – unless you can find a better way to see the numbers, see what really works, and see what to do next. And that’s why there’s Havik. Now it all adds up.