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Healthcare and Education data reporting, Analytics through dashboard.


New age digital classroom concept for Teachers and children, A paperless approach.

Technology Training

We bridge gap between education institution and industry thus children prepare for Future.

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  • Elets Program

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  • Medical Screening

  • Screening Digitalisation for Private Schools

  • Panacea Project Introduction

  • Electronic Health Record for each child

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Havik Smart Care

Connected Practice Management Solution
E Prescription Solution Digital Patient medical records , A clinical workflow solution for paperless aproach. Light weight Hospital Information system with integrated eprescription and Digital IP MRs for small and medium hospitals. Read More


Digital Class Room

Havik Provides eco solutions for 21st generation education solutions.While providing the solutions in digital education we care for environment friendly solutions that help to reduce power consumption(Low power devices),Eye friendly and healthy solution that keep children safe and healthy.

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School health

Havik School Health solution is aimed at providing monitoring system for all health needs of children.It helps preserving clinical information of children in the form of EHR for every child.provides analytical information on health statusof child.alerts school staff on health needs and much more.Our goal is to build child wellness platform(A predictive approach) to forecast future health issues.

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Community Screening

Havik provides data capturing tools for medical screening activities. Tools are aimed at Public Health initiatives, where many organizations do great work in conducting Medical screening camps, Medical treatment camps, however data is not captured properly and difficult to assess the impact of the program. We at Havik, have come up with data capturing modules to enable organizations to capture clinical information at source.

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Havik Smart Care Features


Simple and Intuitive interface enable practitioners to concentrate more on patient.


Practitioner can customize prescription, immunization chart, consent as per the requirement in single step.

Ease Of use

Havik Smart Care requires no training, doesn't alter writing process but helps capturing clinical information electronically at source

Stay Connected

Havik Smart Care allows practitioner to engage with patients in multiple ways. Send personal SMS like community medical camps, Birthday wishes, Seasonal Greetings, and respond to patient concerns for patient benefit

Patient Education

Havik Smart Care allows to insert image and scribble to educate patient, allows to attach video procedure(pre-built or live), any-other useful material for patient awareness

Seamless Share

Havik Smart Care allows practitioner and patients to share their medical record through email, cloud storage, BT etc. for various purposes

Havik Digital Class Room Features

Smooth writing. Like pen on paper

edNote provide best writing experience that mimics pen and paper experience

Eye friendly screen. No backlight

Recommended TAB has e-paper that works based on reflection technology. It is ink based display, no light or troche on eye, this reduces eye strain and avoid blue ray issues.

No distractions. Designed for only writing and reading.

Hardware supports only reading and writing, display doesn't support playing video, this enables child to concentrate more on reading and writing.

Uses less power. battery lasts several days

Hard way display unit consumes power only on writing with digital pen and turning the page. For static display doesn't consume power. So devices very less power and once charged it comes for few days depending on usage.

Work outdoor. Light weight and screen visible in bright sunlight.

As hardware display works based on reflective ink based technology, more brighter more clear display, this allows child to use the device in any place, even in sunlight.

Save money. Eliminate paper/printing/ scanning/DMS costs

One e-paper devices could save few trees, having good durability and minimum 3 to 5 years usage, children can save lot of paper, thus save many trees.

Havik School Health Solution Features

A Comprehensive Health mointoring solution

Our solutions enables institutions to go for Comprehensive Health monitoring through the technology, medical intervention. A unique ID based EHR for every child.

A Centrally monitoring solution

Allows stake holders to setup a central monitoring HUB to make sure all the institutions report to this on health issues.

Supports light weight telemedicine

If schools are equipped with internet facility, Havik supports Central HUB to do Virtual consultation to School and bridge the gap of School and Hospital.

Tootls for clinical data collection.

All necessary tools to collect Medical Screening data, subsequent diagnostics data, day to day health issues and vital information will be capture and stored securely in the system.

Real Time dash boards for officials and schools heads.

Officials, Central Office staff, School Principal, District officers will be able to monitor the health status through real time dash boards. This allows officials to act and intervene where necessary and make health monitoring a successful solution.

Notifications and Alterts modulebased on the workflow.

Notifications on all required cases like reviews, scheduled surgeries, drug availability, case tracking etc.. help school staff to follow and adhere to the dates.

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